KSF Programs

  • KSF-Suicide Support

    Suicide Support

    If you have lost a loved one to suicide, please join us in an environment where others share in your struggle and offer hope and support.

  • KSF-Mental Illness Support

    Mental Illness Support

    When mental illness “hits home,” if affects the entire family. Join us to learn coping strategies and to become connected with resources that can help in an environment of hope and compassion.

  • KSF-Think About It

    Think About It

    Think About It aims to prevent suicide by giving students, faculty and staff a platform to learn about, discuss and consider positive steps they can take to improve their own mental health and create accepting and supportive school environments.

  • KSF-Open Door

    Open Door

    Open Door is helping employers create workplace cultures that value the overall health of their employees, increase productivity, and decrease healthcare costs through education and individualized and confidential employee support services.

  • KSF-Navigate


     While providing licensed case management to improve the clinical, social, vocational, educational and life skills outcomes of the person affected, Navigate educates and empowers families with helpful and supportive tools.

Saving Lives Together

Glenn Close and Sister Jesse of BringChange2Mind

I fully endorse the mission and work of the Karla Smith Foundation & look forward to partnering with them in the BringChange2Mind ongoing campaign.”
Glenn Close, Co-Founder and Chairperson, BringChange2Mind

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